A Perfect Norwegian Postcard 

Here’s a story… As soon as you arrive in Reine, you’ll understand why it’s the perfect Norwegian postcard. Depending on how the light hits the mountains and reflects on the sea, you’ll realise the comparisons to a fairytale painting – it almost seems unreal. And this island, just like any other, has its history and heritage intertwined with the sea. You are invited to explore what the natural world has to give us, engaging in a graceful and fun activity on the sea. And although you’ll most likely forget you are not paddling inside a picture on the wall, we haven’t completely forgot about the realities of this majestic coastline. Each tour is a unique experience, led by certified NPF guides, to ensure that everyone is safe as well as happy.

The guides, with their local knowledge, will be sure to take you to the most picturesque spots in the fjord: you might just be lucky and witness orcas, seals, eagles and other animals, paddling over the crystal clear water or shallow sea, or you can just enjoy the silent pleasure of the majestic landscape. From the double kayak you will be able to see the colourful starfish, sea urchins and shoal of fish swimming in the arctic water – and if the tide is on our side, you will learn about the edible seaweed you can find in the Lofoten oceans, and maybe get a taste of the truffle of the sea. Reine Paddling is a part of the company Runhild Of Reine AS, and the owners Runhild & Marko give you a promise: From between the high mountains you get the best viewpoint to the pure nature of Lofoten!